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Son Tran won the national Prize Fest Comedy Contest, was a two time finalist competing as the Funniest Comic in Texas and won the Singapore international Comedy Contest. His comedy has been described as ‘deadly silly’, by himself. He has immature yet philosophical insights on family, marriage and life in general that have made audiences laugh in clubs and festivals, such as Laughfest and the Limestone Comedy Festival, across the US and Canada.

Son has performed with comics such as TJ Miller, Doug Stanhope, Rob Schneider and Demetri Martin and entertained the troops in Afghanistan. In addition to performing, Son was a regular writer on the Houston Sports Show and has written for the Discovery Channel. Son’s wife does not approve of most of his jokes about her.

2015  2K Comedy Contest -Winner

2015 Showdown at the Showcase - Finalist

2015 Kollaboration Houston - Finalist

2015 SaseFest - Performer

2016 Laughfest - Performer

2016 Funniest in South Texas - Finalist

2016 South Texas Comedy Shootout - Finalist

2016 Best Village Comedy Festival - Performer

2016 10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival - Performer

2016 Trill Comedy Festival - Performer

2016 Come and Take It Comedy Festival - Performer

2016 Lonestar Comedy Contest - Third Place

2016 Funniest Comic In Texas - Finalist

2017 Dallas Comedy Festival - Performer

2017 Whateverfest

2017 Big Pine Comedy Festival - Performer

2018  Mindtwist Comedy Contest - Winner

2018 Charm City Comedy Festival - Performer

2018 Limestone Comedy Festival - Performer

2018 Lafftown’s Funniest - Winner

2018 Funniest Comic in Texas - Finalist

2019 Tower Comedy Festival - Performer

2019 Out of Bounds Festival - Performer

2022 Prize Fest Comedy Prize - Winner

2024 Singapore International Comedy Contest - Winner

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